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VirtualRealGay is the number 1 gay VR studio so far. They were the first on the market and they’ve already produced a wide range of gay vr sex scenes. Enjoy high quality gay VR sex movies for a pretty good price. Experiences like real!

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Brand new: Kiink is now producing VR vidoes – enjoy their hardcore bondage scenes in virtual reality. We can expect a fast growing library in VR for sure, so a subscription makes sense not to miss any of the new content!


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VRB Gay brings gay porn to another level and has already won some awards! Check out their videos with some of the hottest gay models in the industry. The selection is huge and is updated regularly.


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VRBtrans offers a huge amount of porn with asian ladyboys and beautiful Trans starlets. If ordinary women are not your thing, this page will make your hottest fantasies come true. You can even pay via bitcoin and no one will ever know!


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VirtualRealTrans was one of the first player on the market and has increased the amount of videos a lot since then. You will find smoking hot shemales doing naughty stuff on cam with a unique immersive experience.

tough-blowjob-thumb1There’s a rationale that VirtualRealGay has carved out a niche for itself among other VR websites, also contains a great deal regarding the truth that the High Definition videos accessible are a number of the most effective accessible online.

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By ‘finest’ you must consider several things – for one, there’s a remarkable diversity on the list of videos, including different scenarios which range from one on one butt thumping to convincing roleplays like “After Party” where you’re thrown right into a scenario in which a burglar has intruded on your hotel room and needs some considerable punishment.

tough-blowjob-thumb3Along with this though, the 180 degree stereoscopic videos totally mimic what one would really be seeing, and the head tracking is unusually in sync when utilized together with the Oculus Rift. The Rift can find so much as the tiniest movements of the head, to ensure when you’re at a muscled Adonis taking you, looking down it’ll feel like you’re really in the area.

VirtualRealGay additionally features an actual player on their website which is made to operate especially for his or her videos, and we were again surprised at how streamlined it was – aside from a slight interim in the initial couple of seconds at the start of some videos, there is no troubles at all with running each set all the way to the ending.

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Setting up the Oculus Rift With Virtual Real Gay

tough_blowjob_-_4Setting the Oculus Rift up is comparatively simple compared to some other VR websites, plus it again has to do with all the reality that its own state-of-the-art actual player which works with both versions the DK1 and DK2, but can also be compatible using the OSVR HDK is supplied by VirtualRealGay. If you are looking for the Top 10 VR Porn Movies – visit this website.

The DK2 support for the Oculus must be uncompressed to Application Files before it can be run, and continues to be in its beta form, yet, but when it comes to total immersive capacity it generally seems to have become the most widely used and preferred.

Another great choice for the Oculus Rift is Whirligig that’s a program that works directly with the Oculus Rift – after downloading either the preview ( in case you’re attempting to get yourself wet and workedup having an instant taste of a youthful Andreas stroking himself for you) or the entire video just loading it upon the Rift will begin it playing instantly.

A third alternative that’s accessible is the usage of LiveViewRift; this player is extremely modifiable and cozy which means you could tweak your Oculus Rift to your exact specifications – on the flip side, it will need more encounter if you’re a beginner to VR technology.

In LiveViewRift virtually every component may be changed range from latitude and the pitch, together with the left -to-right and vice versa sync. Whichever software you decide on, VirtualRealGay is there to provide top-quality videos, and readily gets 4.5 beginnings out of 5 not only for its technological versatility but also (and most importantly) for content.

tough-blowjob-thumb2The web and tech community in general became entranced by the arrival of virtual reality technology as well as for great reason – the power to totally immerse one’s self in a virtual fantasy world has numerous uses, and VirtualRealGay takes this possibility seriously by offering a number of the best gay adult entertainment on present VR sets, most notably the Samsung Gear VR.

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The website overall is quite accessible and contains a simple to view and simplistic layout that layers – was set by each succeeding uploaded and there’s a remarkable diversity given its market. If you’re in the mood to get a pool-side confrontation as well as a round butt to thump before coming on a wonderful bearded face, or in case you’re more in tune with sitting back and seeing the incredible Andreas play with himself into a stunning climax VirtualRealGay has you covered on all fronts.

Setting up Virtual Real Gay For Samsung Gear VR

Their videos, much for their advantage, have downloaded previews in order to see what sort of thing to anticipate before actually downloading – given the huge High Definition capability of the videos, specifically for the Samsung Gear VR, a few of the files are very big (up to FOUR gigabytes and more) so it’s also an excellent teaser that will help you determine if it’s the perfect set for you personally.

Also, VirtualRealGay offers binaural audio in their sets, and also you do not need to be concerned about interim/graininess or (as we found) a few of the other pitfalls of virtual reality. Specifically, the nausea one gets from videos that are poorly interpreted, and every set signals whether it’s a ‘no-milkshake’ policy.

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We need to give credit where credit is due – they appear to be continuously upgrading on a weekly basis, and looking to bring new experiences to the vanguard while they now do’t possess an enormous archive. Given the kind of quality and commitment to creating something which conforms to some high standard of professionalism and reality however, we’re willing to wait just a little for what they’re delivering, and as other VR systems be accessible and more affordable we can anticipate the interest in all these types of videos to develop at the same time.

Creating The Gear VR For VirtualRealGay

The set up for the Samsung Gear VR in collaboration with VirtualRealGay is, happily, less of a problem than with a few of the other VR porn sites out there. Something that a number of folks are tempted to do is alter the file name – it’s really crucial that you remember to not do that, although the essential download on a PC or Apple computer is honest! The file name must stay as what it was when it was downloaded by you.

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Next, downloading it on your telephone out of your pc needs an installment of Milk VR. For those who happen to be using some other media together with the Samsung Gear this program should already be installed.

It was somewhat annoying to see in the event you ca’t discover it in your telephone and that a number of telephones did’t mechanically make the registry for “MilkVR” you’ll have to create it. After that yet, it easy as choosing “No” about converting the file if it asks you, and opening it with the Milk VR program.

Relax and let Samsung and VirtualRealGay Gear VR take you into the most profound and ardent want shown in 3D and binaural sound that is stereoscopic. You won’t need to return.